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YEF Launches LENT 40 Days Bible Study Website

Feb 22, 2018 06:02 AM EST


Youth Evangelical Fellowship launched a website for the 40 days Lent Bible Study series for the book of John.

The 40-day program will commence from February 14 and last until March 31.

"The focus of this Bible study series is on the life and mission of Jesus which was an extension of His Cross and resurrection," shared a spokesperson from YEF headquarter. "Through this 40 day Bible study, YEF will provide lectures on the book of John from chapter 1 to 18."

As a period of 40 days is crucial for one who seeks for a life-changing experience in their faith, YEF is preparing with sincere prayer and diligence.

"This 40-day in-depth Bible study series on the Gospel of John will help you walk through the life, mission, and passion of Jesus Christ, and immerse into His immeasurable grace."  

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